Yoga at Lake Harriet

 Yoga at the Lake (Summer Time)

Can I just tell you how much fun it is to be outside in a yoga class?  It is so amazing taking in your surrounding’sOutdoor Yoga In Minneapolis and connecting with the earth around you.  Every week we enjoy something special out there.  The moon often greats us, I’ve been kissed on the cheek by a sweet rogue doggy, we’ve seen yellow finches in the flower gardens, and plenty of us have run through the sprinklers in the rose garden too! Expect the unexpected when you take the time to be outside for yoga. It will be the perfect treat to slow life down.

June- September-ish are our typical dates for Yoga at the Lake. We practice at Lake Harriet’s Rose Garden.  In two different places. Early morning class is right in the grassy mid section between the two fountains, in the midst of the perennial flowers.

Evening classes when the heat is higher and the park is busier, we are behind the turtle fountain, near the big pine tree. Check my Facebook pages for day to day updates, JenYoga, and Fertile Grounding Yoga . Information on the Lake Harriet Rose Garden.

Cost for this class is by donation, meaning you choose what you can share that day. Yoga at the Lake is for all abilities and levels.


Yoga At The Lake In Minneapolis

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