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Prenatal Yoga Class Testimonials

“Jennifer Colletti’s prenatal yoga class was perfect for helping me prepare for labor.  Jen paces the class in a way that is like labor:  we have action (stretches, balancing, strength poses) and then rest after each, just like how our contractions will be.  Throughout the class, Jen highlighted how our work related to our upcoming labor, and how we could use the yoga in labor.  She taught us breathing for contractions as well as techniques to calm our minds–to interrupt the fear cycle in labor–in between contractions.  In my labor, I came back to what Jen taught me and worked on staying calm and in touch with my body.  My first birth was a c-section, and in my second birth, knowing these strategies helped me to trust that my body could birth my baby.  The techniques I learned in her class helped me to have successful VBAC, with no pain medications and with a 9 pound, 1 ounce baby!” Gretchen, Minneapolis

“I have to tell you that the positions and breathing exercises that you teach are so beneficial, especially during labor, as I have used many of them in the past and plan to use them again with this little darling in a few weeks!  It’s so nice to have the refreshers on breathing and positioning in addition to some new techniques I can put in my pocket for the big day, and to receive the wonderful mama support that you radiate in class, extending this support even beyond the mat!  Thank you!!” Rebecca, Minneapolis 

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