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What is Fertile Grounding Yoga (Fertility Yoga)?

Through my own long journey and struggle to have a child, I realized the emotional toll it took on my mind, body and spirit. It was incredibly intense, and I felt alone, isolated and had an incredible loss of hope. After our third round of IVF, I had a profound and clear moment, we had just had another miscarriage, and as we drove away from one of our last appointments with our fertility clinic, I looked at my husband and said, “I know we are not alone, but I really feel like we are.” I said “I am going to take our fertility experience, and my yoga experience and meld the two together creating classes and a circle for women, to love and support each other, and heal their bodies.” I am honored to have been teaching these classes to women since 2009.

Fertile Grounding Yoga is a series of Fertility Yoga classes, for women going through infertility, having fertility challenges or looking to focus on natural methods of optimizing fertility. These classes help heal the body mind and spirit, break stress cycles, teach empowerment, and create a community of understanding, love and support.  I look forward to you joining us, and starting your own healing journey to conception.

8 Week Fertile Grounding Yoga Workshop
Scheduled 3 times per year, check my workshop page for current offering and location. 

In this workshop, you’ll find support, education, inspiration and peace with your journey of building a family. Whether you are in the midst of fertility treatments, interested in natural fertility methods, or just starting to walk a path of seeking pregnancy, these eight weeks will be an amazing place for you to optimize your reproductive health, while nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

In each session, we’ll practice yoga, have a featured educational segment (nutrition, coping, non-toxic living, art, ayurvedics, holistic therapies and more), meditation, guided journal writing and conversation. We’ll explore holistic therapies, learn how food can effect our fertility, find ways of coping with stress, and build relationships. This workshop is life changing and transformational!

You will experience amazing benefits like: optimizing your fertile health, gaining a supportive community, learning radical self care techniques, breaking the stress cycles that stifle your fertility, how to use yoga & nutrition to heal your body, techniques and an understanding of holistic therapies that will assist in a healing lifestyle.

  • Class is open to anyone looking to conceive, adopt, with secondary infertility, in fertility treatment, planning a holistic path of seeking pregnancy, unsure of next steps, or seeking support.
  • Ideally, join me 3 months prior to fertility treatments, and practice the 7:30pm Wed. evening Fertility Yoga Drop-in class in addition to the 8 week workshop.
  • Bring with you to the workshop a new journal, and 1″ three ring binder, snacks/food (we usually meet over dinner) and water.
  • Dress comfortably to move.
  • Please invite your spouses, partner  or a support person to attend the nutrition segment with you (I will confirm the date for each workshop), we will do a very gentle partner yoga class this evening, ask your partners to dress to move.
  • Beginners are welcome and encouraged, no prior yoga experience is necessary to participate in this class.

Read my Fertile Grounding testimonials and see the babies born through Fertile Grounding Yoga.

Weekly Fertility Yoga Drop-In Class

Wednesday nights 7:30-8:45pm
Location: Sattva 3200 Bryant Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55408

This yoga class is part support group and part Restorative Yoga class.  We start class chatting, talking about where we are at, clearing emotions, sharing resources, and supporting each other.  We follow with a yoga class tailored to our needs of the day, with very gentle restorative poses.  Currently this ongoing class runs Wednesday nights.  The format of this class is a “Drop in”, so come any time. Ideally, join me regularly for a minimum of 3 months prior to fertility treatments, in addition to joining the 8 week Fertile Grounding Yoga Workshop. Regular attendance is an important part of balancing the nervous system, breaking stress cycles, and optimizing your fertility. It truly is the little things that matter in healing.


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