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I believe in community, support, and surrounding yourself with those that fill you up! Your caregivers, should do exactly that as well. The resources below, are tried and true, most of which I have worked with myself. I trust their work, their passion, and their integrity, which is why I share them all with you here. It takes a village!

Reproductive Endocrinologists

Center for Reproductive

Mayo Clinic

Midwest Center for
Reproductive Health 

Reproductive Medicine
Infertility Associates


Deborah Simmons PhD LMFT
Partners in Healing

Krista Post, MA.

Kimberly Hart / Hypnotherapy
Adagio Holistic

Thyroid Support

HCMC Integrated Medicine

Healthful Elements

Lake Pointe Chiropractic

New Recommendations for
Thyroid, Fertility and Pregnancy





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