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Fertile Grounding Yoga Testimonials

“Thank you for your support & guidance through the Fertile Grounding Yoga Workshop this fall. The entire experience was, in short, life-altering. To take something that can be so lonely, isolating & terrifying and make it unifying, empowering and full of so much love and connection is no small feat. Thank you for helping me have control over many things in my life at a time when I felt like I had anything but. Ever grateful”


“Thank you so much for the wonder that is Fertile Grounding Yoga. You created a support network that educated me and gave me HOPE, when that was what I needed the most. I appreciate your gentle empowering style and will send others your way. Thanks for being there on this journey.” Sarah, Minneapolis


“I took your Fertile Grounding Yoga class for most of last year after I had a miscarriage and was using fertility treatments. After over two years of trying to successfully conceive, IUI #5 worked and I’m now 22 weeks pregnant with twins!  I just wanted to thank you for providing mental and physical support during that difficult time in my life. Your class was really helpful to me – it was especially helpful being with other woman who understood what I was going through.  Thank you very much for offering a class like that, it was a real lifeline for me and I will definitely recommend it to anyone encountering fertility issues!” Alana, Minneapolis


“Jen offers a wealth of knowledge and support to women who are struggling to get pregnant. I have gained so much valuable information from her. Thanks to Jen, I have changed many things in my life for the better. I now live a healthier lifestyle, eat mostly organic foods and have eliminated chemicals wherever I can. I feel this truly made an impact on my quest to start a family. I am now pregnant with our second child and feel so blessed that Jen and my paths crossed. “ Kate, Minneapolis
“You make people who are scared and nervous feel safe and at ease. You’ve given me incredible advice. I am grateful.” Rachel, Minneapolis

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