Are you being Chased by a Tiger? {Infertility & Stress…the effect on the body}

As Americans we live in a very fast paced world. We are go, go, go! We are deeply connected to our DSC00108technology, and continually “plugged in”. More is better; more face time, more of ourselves at work, and a continual connection though technology. We rarely shut off. Our hearts are racing, we are short tempered, we eat meals in our cars, and almost never have a break. Food in America exacerbates this crazy cycle. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is full of sugar, quick carbohydrates, little nutrition, and leaves us craving more. The result, is a pace we can not sustain. We burn out, we gain belly fat, dis-ease and imbalance creep in, and we don’t know how to unwind, and slow down. Can you relate?

From a fertility perspective, the above imbalances, all send messages to our bodies. Take a moment, close your eyes, and think about what message you are sending your body, by living in the above state.

I am sure many words came to you…

The over all message your body receives is “I am not safe”. Yep, this is what your body hears. Guess what? This is called living in “Flight, Fight or Freeze”, or in the sympathetic side of the nervous system.

When we live in this state, our bodies are just trying to SURVIVE! The effect is as if we are being chased by a tiger every moment of the day. Very intense! The bottom line is our bodies do not want to reproduce when we are being chased by a tiger, again, they are just trying to SURVIVE!!!

This is BIG! This is a big realization to have, and it takes conscious effort to step out of this pattern and break the cycle. Here is where the beauty of yoga comes in. Yoga aligns the body mind and spirit, breaks the cycle of the living in fight, flight or freeze, and tells the body that it is SAFE. It brings it into the parasympathetic side of the nervous system, and sends the messages of “Rest and Digest”. It’s in rest and digest that our bodies can conceive.

This is so important for fertility, for EVERYTHING really…our long term health, preventing disease, parenting, the list goes on. So here is your opportunity, it all starts here, by recognizing how you are living, and consciously making the effort to be your own “Self Care Warrior” and take care of YOU!!!   Yoga, walks, meditation, time with friends that warm your heart, being in nature, morning tea in the sun, all of these things will break the stress cycle.

I’ve got a challenge for you! What changes can you make in your life to break the fight, flight and freeze cycle? Share with me, and tell me how you are taking care of you, and inspire others around you to be a “Self Care Warrior”!!

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